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As well all know, our teeth are good indicators of our health. Our teeth are responsible for aiding digestion as they chew, crush, grind, and cut our food to let our body easily digest the nutrients contained within. The food we eat is important in keeping every part of our body healthy.


Cold weather and feeling under the weather go hand in hand once the winter months arrive, with coughs, sneezing, fevers and sore throats becoming the status quo. But before you head to your local pharmacy and reach for the syrup and/or throat lozenge, take note that what may offer you fast relief, can potentially have longer term side effect: tooth decay. (more…)

Tooth be told, there’s a lot of potential misunderstandings when it comes to dental treatment and proper dental care which fuels the lack of excitement when you see an upcoming dental appointment on your calendar. And while its true that going to the dentist isn’t all fun and games, knowing the truth behind certain myths will certainly help your chances of maintaining good oral health. (more…)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…well at least for parents: Back to school! And while you rejoice in rushing your little ones out the door—books, pencils and jackets in tow—you’ll want to make sure to pack them a healthy and tooth-friendly lunch; one that will help keep those cavities at bay.


Children everywhere are waiting anxiously to see what treats the Easter Bunny will bring them this Easter. And since the shelves at the grocery stores are stock-full of chocolates and candy, you can guarantee there won’t be any vegetables in those Easter baskets…aside from a few carrots for the bunnies themselves.

Registered Dental Hygienist Anaida Deti is regularly tapped to provide tips and commentary to Canadians on how to take better care of your oral health. So, before you let your little ones indulge in their tempting Easter basket, check out Anaida’s 7 tips on how to keep a healthy smile for Easter: (more…)