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The Dental-X Smile team is excited to announce our brand new location – 1474 Dundas St West in Toronto!


Dental-X Smile Centres At Dundas is focused on providing the high-quality dental hygiene care you would expect from our dental team. At this location, we offer teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, oral examinations, fluoride treatments and much more.

Visit our website for more information:, get in touch via email or phone (647) 839-1374, and connect with us on Twitter  and Facebook.

December 9, 2014

Gift from the Heart

Dental-X was recently featured in OH Canada! (Oral Health Canada) Magazine, with our CEO Anaida Deti discussing a charity initiative we are involved in called Gift From The Heart.

Last year, independent dental hygienists across Canada opened their clinics to provide oral health care services at no cost to those who need those most.

For this event, we had three dental hygienists on site and a dentist working from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Dr. Kamalbake performed dental check-ups as well as emergency dental procedures. We had a tooth fairy, who entertained children while promoting proper dental care and educating everyone on the link between oral health and overall health.


Everyone in Canada deserves access to proper oral health care, but unfortunately many are not financially capable of accessing such services. By joining in the Gift from the Heart campaign, we hope to reduce the number of those in need of dental care.

We were glad to be able to participate in this wonderful event, and so we’re happy to announce that we will be taking part this coming year as well – February 7, 2015!



Please share the word, and help those in need receive free dental care this February.

Everyone knows that it’s important to visit your dentist/dental hygienist for check-ups regularly. But have you ever stopped and wondered why? While it’s true that regular brushing and flossing go a long way toward optimal dental health, there are very good reasons for your regular check-ups. (more…)

April 10, 2014

Oral Health Month


April is Oral Health Month, and we thought we should share a few important tips to keep your mouth as healthy as possible. While these may seem common, you’d be surprised how many people skip one or more of these vital steps. When used together, they help you to achieve optimal oral health.

Important steps to good oral health:

Brush your teeth twice daily
Eat healthy foods
Check your mouth regularly
Avoid tobacco products
See your dental professional regularly

And in the spirit of Oral Health month, we are working with the York Region Anti-Bullying Coalition for our “Give Back A Smile” event – we’ll be offering free dental services for children whose parents are unable to afford the dental care they require. For more information, visit the Facebook event page.

If you’d like to step up your oral care during Oral Health month, be sure to book an appointment– call 647-839-1374.