Root Canal Treatment

Do You Need A Root Canal Procedure?

When your dentist informs you that you need a root canal, otherwise referred to as endodontic treatment, it can be overwhelming. There are many myths surrounding this type of dental procedure, not to mention the fact that many advances have taken place in the field of dentistry. Here at DentalX, we offer a wide range of services and take advantage of the latest innovations in root canal treatments to ensure that you have a positive experience with your procedure. You are not alone. It is more common than you would think.

Understanding a Root Canal

tooth anatomy

To understand this procedure and why it would be recommended, you need to understand what is happening inside your tooth. Your tooth consists of enamel on the outside. There is a tough layer of dentin beneath the surface of the tooth. The pulp of your tooth is the soft layer that is found beneath the dentin. The pulp is rich in nerves, a blood supply, and connective tissue. The root of your tooth is developed from the pulp. If the pulp of your tooth becomes infected or you are dealing with severe inflammation, the best course of treatment is endodontic. Your dentist will focus on removal of the root and the pulp inside your tooth to eliminate the infection or inflammation that has affected your tooth. If you do not have the problem addressed, you are likely to experience severe pain. It is also common to develop an abscess in which a pocket of pus surrounds the tooth or sets in the gum near the infected tooth.

What Can Cause Damage to the Root of Your Tooth?

There are many reasons why the root and pulp of your tooth can become infected or inflamed. If you suffer from extreme tooth decay, there is a good chance that the root of your tooth will be affected. Inflammation or an infection can develop after you have had dental work as the nerves of your tooth become irritated. If you have a tooth that has become damaged in some way a damaged nerve may result. You may not be aware that there is anything wrong with your tooth. There may be no visible signs of the problem that is deep inside the pulp. However, you need to seek treatment if you are experiencing chronic pain. If you do not get to the root of your problem, you could experience severe pain and infection.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Before your procedure to remove the root of your tooth, your dentist at DentalX might prescribe an antibiotic to treat your infection. Once you come in for your procedure, the dentist will drill inside your tooth to get to the pulp. All the pulp will be removed using a variety of dental tools. Once the pulp has been removed, the inside of your tooth will be thoroughly cleaned. Disinfection is an important step to ensure there will be no more infected material within your tooth. Your tooth will be filled with an artificial substance that has the consistency of rubber. The last step will be to put a filling in your tooth or cover it with a crown.

root canal procedureThe procedure will save your tooth and you will no longer experience any discomfort once the root has been removed.