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Dr. Mahmoud Shamaei

General Dentist

Dr. Mahmoud Shamaei has 27 years of combined dental experience from Iran and Canada. Before starting his practice in Canada in 2013, he was a Periodontist in Iran. After graduating in General Dentistry at Tehran University in 1990, he obtained specialization in Periodontology (gum surgery), at Shahid Behesty University. His education didn’t end there,he was awarded a fellowship in implant in 2008; During this time, he also taught periodontology at Shahed University.

Both in Toronto and Tehran, Dr. Shamaei is known for his excellent manual dexterity, speed, and precise workmanship. His friendly, calm and humorous demeanor puts his patients at ease. In Canada, his work is primarily focused around dental implant, periodontal surgery and wisdom teeth surgery.

On his free time, Dr. Shamaei can often be found in the kitchen cooking up a storm for his friends: his ability with the surgical scalpel is not lost in the kitchen! He is also an avid skier, off-road biker, and goes to the gym several times per week. His primary dedication, however, is to his 15-year old son Bamdad, with whom he spends as much time as possible.

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