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Olta Miri

Dental Assistant

Olta was born in Albania but raised in Greece. In 2013, she graduated from Medical University of Tirana as Dental Physician, and in 2015 she began specialization in Orthodontics at Aldent University.  She has participated in a lot of dental training such as “Modern Dentistry”, “Dental Aesthetics “and”Transparent Orthodontic Appliances”. She is fluent in Albanian, Greek, English and French.

After 5 years of working in her own dental office with her husband (who is also a Dentist) they decided to move to Canada in December of 2018. Now she is a Dental Assistant and she is very grateful to DentalX for supporting her from the beginning.

Olta feels blessed that DentalX’s owner really loves her job and as a results it makes patients feel like home.  This also promotes a more productive environment at the clinic. Her drive to learn and provide the best care are greatly appreciated by both patients and the dental team. Olta believes that everything is possible in life…you just have to believe in your dreams and work hard on it!

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